Are you looking for somebody who motivates, energizes, teaches and exhorts the audience and still leaves them feeling good about themselves? Then you’ve come to the right place!


Jamal is a highly respected, highly-regarded leader in the field of prevention / mental health. He is equally passionate about helping foster strong, healthy families as he is about empowering youth to reach their potential. Jamal’s extensive knowledge, skills and experience are invaluable to his ability to engage and motivate others through speaking engagements, trainings, and consultations.


Jamal completed his bachelor's degree in sociology and minored in criminal justice at the University of Arizona. He earned his Masters in Educational Leadership in Human Affairs at Northern Arizona University. He is a certified trainer (including “train the trainers” certificates) in numerous evidence-based programs including prevention of substance abuse, suicide, and wellness promotion.


Jamal’s strong leadership and interpersonal skills have underpinned his track-record of mobilizing groups, teams, organizations and getting results e.g. Arizonans for Prevention (AzFP). Jamal has demonstrated ability in successfully writing for grants, which totals multimillion-dollar awards that were the sole-source of program funding during his 20 year tenure as director for prevention services at CODAC Behavioral Health Services in Tucson, Arizona.



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